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Dior has always done makeup well with an exceptional foundation range and an even more beautiful range of highlighters. But this time around, with makeup artist and creative director on board, Dior has taken it to the next level with their Dior Backstage range. Naturally the two products I had to pick up were both the face and body foundation and the highlighting palette that looks like it was made by angels above with the glow it gives. At first glance, the Dior Backstage Face and Body Foundation seems to be a clear competitor for its MAC counterpart also known as face and body foundation. Though the packaging is a frosty looking twin version of the MAC icon, Dior’s formula is quite unique and stands alone in the realm of face and body foundations. Dior’s formulation was concocted backstage at fashion week, It was the secret weapon of all the MUA’s backstage – formulated to endure the literal heat of being under the limelight both on the runway and backstage. It boasts an ultra-buildable coverage which sets down to a soft natural matte finish.


Let me tell you, I am truly in love with this one though there is one area in which it falls short. Although the shade range is extensive with an impressively diverse range of depth of shades in the 40 piece collection Dior didn’t quite ace the undertones in my opinion. I’ve found that they fall short of carrying a true yellow undertone as well as a few big jumps in the gradient of shades from fair to deep. I found that they fall short of carrying a true yellow undertone as well as a few big jumps in the gradient of shades from fair to deep. I found that the palest of warm shades pulled a little peachy toned on my fair but warm skin and the jump from shades 1w to 2w to be quite significant. Though I hold great respect for brands like Dior who have truly attempted to serve all skin tones *cough* *cough*, yes beauty blender, I am looking at you.

The one thing I think we have now learnt in the beauty industry is that unfortunately the number of shades in a foundation launch really does not matter if the gradient is off. Otherwise, like I said – LOVE! If I had to put this formula down to three words, they would be weightless, long wearing and elegant. It truly is an elegant formula (umm, hello? It’s Dior, it better be!). It does take a bit of work to build up but they have truly hit the mark with their claims. No claim that’s a word of a lie. Okay, perhaps other than the fact that their warm tones aren’t quite so. Oh, oh, oh, but… olive skinned beauties, they’ve got you well and truly covered. They’ve truly mastered a beautiful olive undertone in this foundation.

Bravo Dior! Truly. I appreciate brands that are covering the all bases. Is this the point where I can call out Beauty blender one more time? I joke. No but for real though. Ha! Okay, ill stop. Back to business. Now, let’s talk highlighter. If you want all the glow, follow this link and add to cart. That is all. I’ve just ordered the primer to go with this and I cannot wait. I know it’s going to be a good one.


This foundation lasts so well on my skin. Personally I start to lose the makeup around my mouth at the five hour mark. With the Dior my makeup really does set in place and doesn’t budge, leaving me still looking quite fresh by the end of the day. I actually find that on my drier skin it tends to look better and fresher the longer I have it on. Being a more matte finished base it really does look nice one a bit of the skins natural oils peep through. Amazingly, from what I’ve heard this foundation doesn’t break up or move around and separate on oily skin. Any excess oil can be blotted away not affecting the foundations wear. Now that is a win!

I’ve found this formula takes really well to various skin types and you can really work with it throughout your skins



Dior Backstage Face and Body Foundation comes in 40 shades.


$70 on


  • Waterproof and Sweat Resistant
  • Ultra buildable coverage
  • Second skin finish

I love this formula so much so that I went out and bought a few more bits from the range. Although it’s still quite pricey, its touted as the more affordable products of the Dior range. I’ve got the gorgeous glow palette and I love it just as much and have also got the newly released backstage primer on its way due to arrive any day now. It’s what I imagine to be the perfect bridal base. In fact – Meghan Markle wore this very foundation on her big day. If it can last under the lights and cameras of a royal wedding than I imagine it will work for many.

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