L’Oreal Cushion Foundation – A Dry Skin Win?


I have finally gotten my hands on the L’Oreal Cushion Foundation. I have been waiting for this one to hit Australia’s shelves for a while now. I’ve bought it, worn it, and here’s what I think..

THE CONCEPT  The whole idea of a cushion foundation is ingenious. It’s basically a very porous sponge that is heavily saturated with a liquid BB cream/foundation and stored in a compact. Cushion foundations are nothing new to the asian market. It is a Korean invented concept that has actually been around for quite some time overseas. But we all know how it is with the cosmetics industry and western civilisation being way behind.

Nonetheless, we’ve caught on. It’s available and I predict it’s here to stay.

At first I struggled quite a bit with the shade range available to us here in Australia. Non of the shades stood out to me as an obvious match at first glance. I settled for a darker shade to match me when my skin has seen the sun as I was determined to try the stuff and at the time, the pale shades seemed just a little too pink. I wasn’t convinced.

The application of this formula is a dream. It blends seamlessly into the skin. I soon realised that the colours are very forgiving as the formula almost has a translucency to it without sacrificing the quality of coverage. Not being able to apply this particular with my fingers was a compromise I was willing to make upon discovering the ease of application via other methods such as a beauty blender or buffing brush. With whatever tool you choose, you will get a quick and easy blend. I do recommend saving the supplied sponge for on the go touch ups and emergency application only. Nonetheless, the convenience of it being right there in the compact is fantastic!

I adore the formula though do wish L’Oreal would have released the slightly more yellow toned shades here in Australia. I know the shade range in America is much more broad. But as I did mention above the shades are quite forgiving.

This is a foundation I would most certainly purchase again and have in fact already purchased a couple of shades of myself. But being newly introduced to the cushion concept I would l like to see my favourite NARS Sheer glow foundation in action in a DIY cushion kit because that would just be everything and more.

Have you tried any of the cushion foundations on the market? Would love to hear of your recommendations. Do you prefer the westernised formulas over the Korean ones? I really do see myself getting addicted to the concept.

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