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June Beauty Review

I bring to you a round up of well curated products that I had the pleasure (or in some instances not so pleasurable experience) of trying throughout June. I attended a few a events, went to Priceline and did some damage here and there. Not to mention target! Overall I discovered some pretty good affordable and higher end beauty bits. I’ve had the month to form my thoughts, so here they are..


Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation | You may have seen my review on this one that I posted on here a bit ago. On my skin, it was sadly a miss. I held high hopes for Luminous Silk. But unfortunately after my experience with it, I can only recommend it to some. More on that here.


Australis Banana Powder | I went for seconds – and thirds! That says it all right? This powder is my tomato face saviour! Overall I have an olive complexion. Though my face never fails to give off this



A YSL Red That’ll Knock Them Dead!


I love me a good luxury lipstick that’s for sure, but YSL Beauty is a brand I never bothered to delve into. Recently, I’ve gotten lazy with my makeup. I’ve loved doing nothing more than a heavy coat of mascara with a refined and glowing base. If I’m feeling fancy Ill add a sweep of bronzer to give my moon face some definition. Ha! But, I’ve been tricking the world into thinking I’ve actually spent longer than a few minutes on my face with the help of a perfectly defined red lip.

Being winter these lips of mine have been dryer than the sahara desert. So the formula of lipstick I’ve been falling back is surprisingly on I’ve had in my stash for a long while now. Silly me for never giving this more of an opportunity to impress me earlier.

This fiery hot YSL lipstick is the truest of true reds. With an emollient texture, it’s the most forgiving red I’ve been able to pull off on these chapped lips of mine. I imagine this would certainly be a shade to suit an array of skin tones as it’s base is pretty neutral sitting somewhere in between a cool and warm toned hue. It’s one of those stunning editorial shades that instantly make you look a million times better. Yves Saint Laurent’s Rouge Pur Couture lipstick is definitely my winter go to when I want to look fresh and polished.