Some of us may have always worked from home, and others only just being forced to adapt thanks to the dreaded COVID-19. Ugh. I didn’t even say its name on my blog. For those joining the #WFH crew, welcome. It’s a world of fun. Not too much fun – productive fun of course. There are a few key elements that are essential to a workspace in your home. You need to build it and tweak it according to your daily functions. You’ll probably find your groove over the course of a week. An at home office should be two things. Stimulating and functional, and yet not cluttered or distracting. How do we find that balance you ask? It starts with strict consideration for what you allow to live on the sacred worktop that is your desk and where you choose to home that desk. I need background noise, but cannot compromise on my privacy. I’ve opted to nest my desk in a bright room, far enough from the rest of the household for some privacy, but still in a spot where I won’t feel completely deserted from the rest of society. If your current climate is working in a household perhaps with kids floating around or daily household distraction, a room with the option of doors might be something you’ll likely find important.


Often this is the most difficult part of the process. There’s a lot to consider here, like whether you thrive in a quiet room or a little bit closer to the sound of your surroundings. For me personally, I go nuts in a particularly quiet workspace. I need either a little bit of background noise, like the chatter of people tapping away at their keyboards around or a stimulation environment like that of a quaint cafe.


Lighting makes a difference to your mood, energy levels and even goes as far as affecting your appetite. Strategically place your desk facing or next to a window so that natural lighting flood through and keeps you going throughout the day. But, don’t forget your SPF! Yes, even indoors. My favourite, and literally the only one that doesn’t break me out in hives is the La Roche Posay Anthelios Ultra Light Facial Fluid Sunscreen. It’s an SPF of 50+, may as well go all out in the way of your sun protection factor of choice. SPF 30 works to, but that’ll just mean the protection won’t last you as long as you may like. Also, let’s not let those UVA rays steal our collagen away from us sooner than necessary.


Keeping your work space separate from where you sleep is also another important one to avoid. But for some like myself, this isn’t currently a viable option. Sometime you’ve just got to work with what you’ve got.


I think Anna of The Anne Edit is queen of Spotify playlists. Some easy listening is another way to stimulate productivity and make your work space just that little bit less, well, flat. For those into classical music, you’re onto something.


Please – if there’s one think you take from this, it’s save your back! Yes, aesthetics are nice. But good spinal posture is nicer. Find the perfect balance between design and ergonomics. Comfortable office chairs really have come a long way from the days of those big, clunky leather numbers that you used to see in everyones home office. Comfort doesn’t mean dull in style.


If you do find that the only spot you have to place your desk is facing a wall, then a mirror can do the trick in opening up the space you face. Personally, there’s nothing less stimulating and more dull than being faced with a blank wall. Yes, mood boards for inspiration are great if for some reason you’re completely opposed to having a mirror. But, a mirror works some sort of magic mental trickery as at a simple glance, you can look up and have the whole room in sight. Automatically this makes it feel like you’ve taken a quick breather from the space you’re confined to.


Nothing will do you more good than actually taking a literal breather. To walk away, take a stroll and breathe is to reset the brain. If you’re lacking in motivation, creation. mental stimulation, and you now get the gist, than heading outside to grab a coffee from your local, or catching some rays is the ultimate thing you can do for yourself. Don’t let your mind trick you into feeling guilty for doing so rather than soldiering on with your tasks at hand – because, lets be real, sit there any longer and you’ll likely just keep hitting walls. Think of your break away from the desk as you contributing to your productivity.



Morphe is here! Recently I was lucky enough to attend the Morphe X Mecca launch event with makeup master LipstickNick delivering a live masterclass on how to do her reverse smokey eye technique. To watch this woman in action was truly a privilege. In the span of an hour, I had a notes folder in my iPhone complete with a list of her recommendations, techniques and her favourite brushes to use. The launch was celebrating the much anticipated launch of Morphe landing on Australian shores. The best part, they haven’t launched just anywhere – they’ve landed themselves on Mecca’s shelves. Beauty loop, here we come!


Upon arrival we were greeted with a beautiful light up Morphe sign outside The Canvas House in South Melbourne. I’d never been to this space before, but it presented to be a cool modern warehouse, and just like its name – a blank canvas. Mecca truly decked the place out with endless flowers and cocktails, an ode to a brand as colourful as each floral arrangement. Lush event aside, we had the lovely LipstickNick come all the way from LA and show us how to do a reverse smokey eye. She used the 39S Such A Gem palette on her model and talked us through the technique live. This woman is all sorts of genius.


Mecca didn’t launch the whole range at once but the bits they did choose to release hit it off with a bang! Since, they have followed with some major drops in the line, including those of YouTube famous Jeffree Star, James Charles and Jaclyn Hill. The famed James Charles palette boasts versatility like no other. The possibilities are endless with the colours allowing you to do anything from a neutral smoked out eye to something more bold perhaps incorporating the vibrant red and blue’s in the palette. The Jaclyn Hill Vol. I palette is on the softer side, with more shimmers coming into play. The formula’s of all the Morphe palettes are both creamy and pigmented and sit at such a ridiculously reasonable price range for the quality they afford artists. They’re just about all I use nowadays as I’m never left falling short of a colour.


Morphe’s brush line up is truly impressive in itself. I have collected so many of their brushes and have honestly yet to be disappointed by any of them. The brand doesn’t compromise quality as it made by artists for artists. Of the many I’ve since bought, I’ve definitely got favourites. Here are my top five in both the face and eye category. In saying that, the M421, M433 and M443 are a couple I like to use for the eyes, lips and face.




The Eye Primer Is An Essential

What’s that cliche saying, ‘Not to prime is a crime’? Well, in this instance it stands particularly true. When you’re using eye shadows that may be particularly bright and pigmented, or even just a metallic – you want to ensure you’re starting your eye look with an eye primer to insure your eye look for as long as you need it to last. Doing so will ensure that the skin holds onto that rich pigment, as well as preventing creasing on the lid. The eyelid is one of the thinnest areas of skin, so even on dryer skin types, you’ll find oils will make their way through the eye lids skin a lot easier and hence breaking down the makeup in that area. This will also do wonders in stopping that killer wind from smudging and deteriorating through a long period of time. You also don’t want the rich pigment from that killer red in the James Charles palette to stain your skin. Create that barrier, it’s so important and will make all the difference! I personally love the tinted variation of eye primer to even out my vein ridden eye lids and create the perfect base for other colours to be true to their tone and pop as they should. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt, it’s not to use concealer to create an even canvas on my eye. Concealer’s contain emollient ingredients within them, this will ultimately be counterintuitive to making your look last.


The Lancôme Génifique Love Affair Continues | AD

I was first introduced to Génifique back in August 2017 when I was lucky enough to attend the beautiful launch event for this wonderworker product. Probiotic infused skincare was pretty new to the beauty industry at the time and learning about the microbiome is a whole new learning curb in itself. They’ve since bettered the original anti-aging serum formula with a boost of pre and probiotic fractions to act on the skin microbiome. I quickly took to learning about the microbiome and what it meant for our bodies as well as the overall functionality of our skin. We all know that gut health is one of the key players in how our skin is at any given time, but what is the microbiome specifically? Our skin is a the most obvious reflection of our gut health, therefore most commonly we’ve learnt to take our probiotics to support our gut.

What is the microbiome and how exactly does it impact our skin?

The microorganisms that live on our skin are what keep our



The microorganisms in a particular environment (including the body or a part of the body). “we depend on a vast army of microbes to stay alive: a microbiome that protects us against germs, breaks down food to release energy, and produces vitamins”

Different ways to add Génifique into your makeup routine

Yes, this is a skincare staple. But when Lancôme’s national makeup director was talking through the serum she noted how she uses it both under, in and over makeup. If Lara’s skin is anything to go by, then I’ll most happily take a leaf out of her book. The magic of this is in the last tip. I think everyone that dreams of glassy skin but can’t find a product light enough not to break down any makeup on the skin is about to be extremely pleased.


Use this first as you would a normal serum. Right before your moisturiser just as your about to start doing your makeup. This will deposit a layer of nourishment and hydration deep into the skin to plump it right out ready for your makeup.


Now, you know how so many artists rave on and on about mixing a drop or two of oil into you foundation? In theory, this sounds like the ideal plan for dreamy dewy looking skin. This will stand true for perhaps the first hour of your makeup wearing day. And then, it comes. The unfortunate but inevitable break up.


The perfect refresh. I mentioned that this is so extremely lightweight which some with dryer skin might perceive as a downfall. But this is such a blessing as it makes it the ultimate multipurpose serum. It’s not got any oil in it so won’t

How my skin has changed since using Genifique

The Facts & Claims

It’s been a slow but steady change for my skin since using Genifique. Almost like taking oral probiotics, it will take a while for the positive effects on the skin to kick in. Let’s start with the immediate effects. First applied you’ll find it to be a really watery consistency serum. The fact that it is such a thin serum works wonders for skin easily prone to congestion. An oily skinned gals dream but also beautiful for those with dry skin.

  • Millions of pre and probiotics
  • Improves skin texture, radiance, elasticity and firmness