The Ultimate Base by Dior

Dior has always done makeup well with an exceptional foundation range and an even more beautiful range of highlighters. But this time around, with makeup artist and creative director on board, Dior has taken it to the next level with their Dior Backstage range. Naturally the two products I had to pick up were both the face and body foundation and the highlighting palette that looks like it was made by angels above with the glow it gives. At first glance, the Dior Backstage Face and Body Foundation seems to be a clear competitor for its MAC counterpart also known as face and body foundation. Though the packaging is a frosty looking twin version of the MAC icon, Dior’s formula is quite unique and stands alone in the realm of face and body foundations. Dior’s formulation was concocted backstage at fashion week, It was the secret weapon of all the MUA’s backstage – formulated to endure the literal heat of being under the limelight both on the runway and backstage. It boasts an ultra-buildable coverage which sets down to a soft natural matte finish.


Let me tell you, I am truly in love with this one though there is one area in which it falls short. Although the shade range is extensive with an impressively diverse range of depth of shades in the 40 piece collection Dior didn’t quite ace the undertones in my opinion. I’ve found that they fall short of carrying a true yellow undertone as well as a few big jumps in the gradient of shades from fair to deep. I found that they fall short of carrying a true yellow undertone as well as a few big jumps in the gradient of shades from fair to deep. I found that the palest of warm shades pulled a little peachy toned on my fair but warm skin and the jump from shades 1w to 2w to be quite significant. Though I hold great respect for brands like Dior who have truly attempted to serve all skin tones *cough* *cough*, yes beauty blender, I am looking at you.

The one thing I think we have now learnt in the beauty industry is that unfortunately the number of shades in a foundation launch really does not matter if the gradient is off. Otherwise, like I said – LOVE! If I had to put this formula down to three words, they would be weightless, long wearing and elegant. It truly is an elegant formula (umm, hello? It’s Dior, it better be!). It does take a bit of work to build up but they have truly hit the mark with their claims. No claim that’s a word of a lie. Okay, perhaps other than the fact that their warm tones aren’t quite so. Oh, oh, oh, but… olive skinned beauties, they’ve got you well and truly covered. They’ve truly mastered a beautiful olive undertone in this foundation.

Bravo Dior! Truly. I appreciate brands that are covering the all bases. Is this the point where I can call out Beauty blender one more time? I joke. No but for real though. Ha! Okay, ill stop. Back to business. Now, let’s talk highlighter. If you want all the glow, follow this link and add to cart. That is all. I’ve just ordered the primer to go with this and I cannot wait. I know it’s going to be a good one.


This foundation lasts so well on my skin. Personally I start to lose the makeup around my mouth at the five hour mark. With the Dior my makeup really does set in place and doesn’t budge, leaving me still looking quite fresh by the end of the day. I actually find that on my drier skin it tends to look better and fresher the longer I have it on. Being a more matte finished base it really does look nice one a bit of the skins natural oils peep through. Amazingly, from what I’ve heard this foundation doesn’t break up or move around and separate on oily skin. Any excess oil can be blotted away not affecting the foundations wear. Now that is a win!

I’ve found this formula takes really well to various skin types and you can really work with it throughout your skins



Dior Backstage Face and Body Foundation comes in 40 shades.


$70 on


  • Waterproof and Sweat Resistant
  • Ultra buildable coverage
  • Second skin finish

I love this formula so much so that I went out and bought a few more bits from the range. Although it’s still quite pricey, its touted as the more affordable products of the Dior range. I’ve got the gorgeous glow palette and I love it just as much and have also got the newly released backstage primer on its way due to arrive any day now. It’s what I imagine to be the perfect bridal base. In fact – Meghan Markle wore this very foundation on her big day. If it can last under the lights and cameras of a royal wedding than I imagine it will work for many.


Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation Review


The longest running award-winning foundation, known to be used by top makeup artists for every celebrity braving the glaring lights of the red carpet. Armani’s Luminous Silk is said to be a cut above the rest – with the brands perfected light bouncing technology and spherical pigments. An understated glow is something this foundation definitely provides, but is it all good stuff? Perhaps for some and not for others. See, I’ve grown to have an acquired taste when it comes to what I consider to be a good foundation – I can thank NARS sheer glow for setting the bar real high. Anyway, this is how it went down on my skin.

The Expectation | A long-lasting medium – full coverage base with a natural luminosity – minus the tacky finish? They were the big selling points for me. It’s not everyday I’m willing to splash out on a $95 foundation. But this baby had to be number one eleven years running for a reason, right?

The Application Initially I tried blending it with my hands, just to get a feel for the consistency. Silly me, I knew I was kidding myself from the get go as that particular method of application has always been my least favourite. In saying that, I know Karima from Shameless Fripperies applies it with her fingers and it looks flawless on her! For me though – not so much. So with that, I took to my beloved beauty blender. This thing never bloody fails me! As expected it applied the foundation to my skin with ease providing a solid medium coverage that could easily be built upon very nicely. The creamy liquid blends well as you have a ton of time before it actually sets. Yes, this foundation does actually set – beautifully might I add.

The FormulaLuminous Silk has a creamy yet liquid consistency as I mentioned above. It applies nicely onto the skin, though I would recommend working in sections with this one. I think the trick is to make sure you prep your skin well before hand. On my ultra dehydrated skin, I couldn’t get away without doing so. If you have normal, slightly oily or slightly dry skin than I do believe you can make this work for you. But if you’re skin leans more toward being an extremity on either end of the spectrum than I’d recommend giving this one a pass. It was a bit of a weird one for me as it looked ever so slightly drying when first applied, only to work its way up to a shine pretty quickly throughout the day. The thing that caught me out though is that I’ve never experienced looking both shiny and dry at any one time with a foundation. You know what, I didn’t mind the shine having such dehydrated skin and all. But while it was oiling up it did maintain that initial appearance that I don’t quite like or desire in a base. In saying that the formula was in no way heavy feeling or looking on the skin. I can definitely see how this has the potential to perform beautifully on less problematic (in terms of hydration/oil levels) skin.

The Verdict | While I imagine this would be lovely on anyone with remotely normal to slightly dry or oily skin, I don’t think it’s much of a hit for everyone else in between. Which is a shame, because despite all else – the stuff holds up on the skin that’s for sure! I’m pretty certain 95% of the product was still on my face by the end of the day. And at one point it did acquire a beautiful glow and luminosity about it. But unfortunately, the finish was an undesirable one on me as no matter what it still looked dry behind that shine. It is worth noting that my blush, highlight and contour all remained vibrant and as even as when I first applied them at the beginning of the day each time I wore this foundation. But I guess with everything you spend that much money on, you don’t want it to be underwhelming in its wonders. You’d expect it to be nothing less than remarkable.

Armani’s Luminous Silk is without a doubt a beautiful foundation for those who have the right skin type to pull it off. I just personally couldn’t justify the $95 price tag for this one. Again, when I spend that much on any type of beauty product I expect straight up goodness. This may be Kim K’s ride or die – but NARS Sheer Glow still stands number one in my eyes.

Have you tried a base from Giorgio Armani’s line of foundations before? I’m certainly intrigued by the brand. I do have an inkling that I’ll  soon discover some holy grail worthy stuff from them if what I’ve seen is anything to go by. I had a feel of one of their primers on my hand and boy did it feel smooth – truly luxurious stuff. One for the wish list that one..

When I’m brave enough to bring myself to splash out that much money on a product again I’ll be sure to let you know. Until then, I’ll be with my $8 Nivea primer and drugstore foundation. You know, to make up for that unjustifiable $95 I said goodbye to. Ha! I’m spent. *Cries self to sleep*


L’Oreal Cushion Foundation – A Dry Skin Win?


I have finally gotten my hands on the L’Oreal Cushion Foundation. I have been waiting for this one to hit Australia’s shelves for a while now. I’ve bought it, worn it, and here’s what I think..

THE CONCEPT  The whole idea of a cushion foundation is ingenious. It’s basically a very porous sponge that is heavily saturated with a liquid BB cream/foundation and stored in a compact. Cushion foundations are nothing new to the asian market. It is a Korean invented concept that has actually been around for quite some time overseas. But we all know how it is with the cosmetics industry and western civilisation being way behind.

Nonetheless, we’ve caught on. It’s available and I predict it’s here to stay.

At first I struggled quite a bit with the shade range available to us here in Australia. Non of the shades stood out to me as an obvious match at first glance. I settled for a darker shade to match me when my skin has seen the sun as I was determined to try the stuff and at the time, the pale shades seemed just a little too pink. I wasn’t convinced.

The application of this formula is a dream. It blends seamlessly into the skin. I soon realised that the colours are very forgiving as the formula almost has a translucency to it without sacrificing the quality of coverage. Not being able to apply this particular with my fingers was a compromise I was willing to make upon discovering the ease of application via other methods such as a beauty blender or buffing brush. With whatever tool you choose, you will get a quick and easy blend. I do recommend saving the supplied sponge for on the go touch ups and emergency application only. Nonetheless, the convenience of it being right there in the compact is fantastic!

I adore the formula though do wish L’Oreal would have released the slightly more yellow toned shades here in Australia. I know the shade range in America is much more broad. But as I did mention above the shades are quite forgiving.

This is a foundation I would most certainly purchase again and have in fact already purchased a couple of shades of myself. But being newly introduced to the cushion concept I would l like to see my favourite NARS Sheer glow foundation in action in a DIY cushion kit because that would just be everything and more.

Have you tried any of the cushion foundations on the market? Would love to hear of your recommendations. Do you prefer the westernised formulas over the Korean ones? I really do see myself getting addicted to the concept.